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Ceiling Becomes The Sky

There no longer is a place for you

The day arrived so fast

Deep inside the moments still

A descant from the past

The mariners are searching

You've been far too long at sea

No reclamation sightings

No path to comforting

That is best that rests so near

Embedded in familiar ways

Blankly staring at a cup

They've come to take your tray away


In a dream I watched you walk into

The grove behind the house

A timid step,  and then you paused

Noticing the clouds

To learn, not worth the asking

In the unspoken reply

Circling the narrow room

Ceiling becomes the sky

The sunrise through the curtains drawn

Indifference to another dawn

Speaking softly to your son

There is plaster where the sky belongs


Swiftly comes the eventide

Closing in on every side

Dispose of every plan you made

The walls become a palisade


Copyright 2017 Montagnola Music

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Mark Renner
Nearly a Clearing

The year more than a quarter gone, and approaching a breathing space after feeling submerged since the calendar turned to 2017. It has always been hard to make current work the omphalos at the neglect of incoming strains of melody and visual language. There is no stenographer or gateman to record or detain the invasion, and one dare not waylay or douse the spark of creative thought for fear that it may not choose to visit again, or only in a diluted form... 

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Mark Renner

Panel in progress, touching on a thematic thread...

After a strong night of rest I am reminded that dreaming is the health sanatorium ( complete w/ warm mineral springs ) of the imagination...

A bright morning, the refracted rays of sun rising ignite the work table. Cue the Doxology...

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Mark Renner